A simple blog, mostly for my own purpose, to record and to remember.

I want to note that a lot of the things I say may not be totally accurate or may not be totally clear. So to my brothers and sisters: Please test everything with the truth of God’s Word so that you may not be led astray.

Add-on 2 [8/15/17]:

How true it is that this blog has become a prophetic word for me! Indeed, how the storm has swept over me and swamped me these past five years. How I walked in such darkness, without the fullness of Your presence! And how weak I was in fully consecrating my life to You. Let me rest again fully in Christ. Take me deeper into the simple truths of the Gospel that You have already given and established in my life.

Add-on [6/11/11]:

If you start going through my blog posts, you will begin to see a common theme. The things I write are nothing new. They are reminders that become significant in power when God begins to use those truths in Scripture to effect changes in our lives. I feel like I am overblogging but I know a storm in my life is coming. I need these reminders now. I need to build up the ark of God before my life is flooded. A firm foundation so I may not become a lukewarm Christian like I was for the past year.

Much of what I write, I write with joy because I have experienced the active power of the Word of God. For those who do not desire or know God, much of my writings are dead and worthless. Perhaps, my writings may even be misunderstood and twisted for wicked purposes or intentions. I pray that this will not be the case and I also pray that the readers will test my writings against the Word of God. Rebuke me if I am wrong or if I am unclear on certain matters.

This blog will be repulsive to many – especially unbelievers and even some brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling with the sinful nature. Yet, I pray that those brothers and sisters will grow in their knowledge of Christ. I pray that God, in His timing, will strengthen those whose walk with Him is tenuous and shallow. May my brothers and sisters actively seek God and allow Him to work in their lives.

May God prevent those whose faith are weak to have their hearts snatched away by Satan or by the fleeting desires of this world. And even if they do fall away, may these lost sheep have their eyes and ears open and sensitive to God’s calling so that when God comes to find them, they may find their way back to Him.

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