Father, You are most trustworthy. A great comfort in the midst of difficulty and weakness. Let the Enemy not take away my trust in You. No circumstance can change You. Your goodness has remained unchanged. Praise You, my King, my Lord, my Friend. Thank You for today’s wisdom, strength, and mercy. Thank You for the lessons You have taught me this week. Thank You for revealing spiritual reality and the tactics of the Enemy. His attacks has only served his downfall, for Your Spirit has taught me now, how to resist his wiles and lies. Praise be to You for this grace! How powerful Your gospel is to me. How merciful and gracious You have been. Would You ever uphold me and keep me pure from worldliness and sin. Let me constantly come to You, always, never passive, always active. Train me up for war, let me never be complacent as long as I am here. The world is a battlefield and victory is in Your hands. Give me overcoming faith. Sanctify me completely in spirit, soul, and body, that I may have complete confidence You will answer me because I walk blamelessly before You. Let my weapons be sharpened – teach me how to pray always, for Your Church, against the darkness and sin in this world, for all peoples. Send workers into the field, Lord! Raise up warriors and intercessors! Let your Church speed Your coming! Come Lord Jesus! Amen!

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