Break And Heal

Lord, my heart breaks. It breaks at my coldness, at the sin in my life and the life of the church and the world. Ours is the sin and Yours is the righteous judgment upon us. Revive Your Work, oh Lord! Be merciful! Forgive! I entreat You, give life, give it abundantly, we turn our hearts back to You and seek Your face. We acknowledge, oh God, that we have walked astray. Your people have sinned greatly against You in ignorance, in unbelief, in backsliding. We have walked, each according to our own fleshly desires and passions, we have walked according to our own standards of righteousness, our own opinions of what is right and wrong, our own ideas of what it means to live our life here on earth. Oh, God! We have such great unbelief in You that we despise prayer! Forgive us Lord for a lack of dependence on You.

Now, according to Your great mercy and power, Sovereign God, revive Your Work! Smite us, oh God and heal us! Show forth Your Glory. Cause the new life You have given us to wax stronger. Oh Lord, purify Your Church in the blood of Christ. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Give ear to our prayers and petitions, oh God! Increase our faith in the work of the Holy Spirit. Forgive us for resisting and grieving the Holy Spirit You have caused to dwell in us. Teach us and comfort us, oh Spirit, with the truth of the gospel of Christ. Intercede for us. Raise us up again to be a praying church, a church that intercedes, that waits only for Your Strength to do Your Work.

God, glory belongs to You alone. Revive us for Your Name’s sake. Establish Your church, oh Lord, that we may offer to You unceasing praise. Let us behold the light of Your countenance. Oh Lord, how I desire for You to be made glorious in the midst of Your Body. Be Lord over all. Be the Head of the Church. Lead us, oh God. Establish the works of Your hands! Constrain us to pray and intercede! Increase our love for You! Let our lives be totally given over to Your mission! For Your Name’s sake and in the mighty Name of Christ Jesus who is coming again. Amen.

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