Brought Low

Oh, how grief overcomes me today as I see more of my corrupt heart. Break me, Lord. Let me abhor anything that springs from myself. For even the “good,” if it comes from me, is utterly useless for it springs not from Your Will but mine. It is only the Spirit’s work and power that can be effectual and eternal for His Work comes from Your Will.

Lord, You have chosen Your people in the furnace of affliction. Your people are constantly afflicted. Yet, I will rejoice in the midst of weeping, for You have been utterly gracious. How undeserving I am of Your love. The closer I draw to You, the more I see Your Holiness. As I see more of Your Holiness, I weep more deeply for I am so utterly corrupt. Lord, even so, show me more of Your Holiness. Let me see how great my salvation is in Christ Jesus. Oh, how I am so filled with grief at the depths of my sin. How hardhearted and prideful I am. If only I can always behold Your Holiness, that I will always be brought low. Never allow any attainment or consecration of mine be a point of boasting for me, Lord. They are only given by You. For they only come from entering Your Presence. And in Your Presence, I can only weep with grief and gratitude. Oh, if not for the righteousness of Christ, I would be utterly consumed and destroyed….

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