Sharing (2/28/2013)

An unpublished post from 2/28/2013:

My natural tendency is to lean on an arm of flesh. But then, He allows me to fail and fall. Because I am so used to sight rather than faith, I rely on my own feelings and intellect rather than believing in His Word and praying in faith for His guidance. Though I so desire His guidance and His truth, I do not do the good but rather I do what I do not wish to do. Whenever I wish to do good, evil is right there with me. So with my mind, I am a slave to the law of God but with my flesh, I am a slave to the law of sin (Romans 7:25b).


It is good that the Lord sees it fit to bring me low to the ground and make me eat dust. It is good to be disciplined. I see how depraved my heart truly is when difficulties arise. When fire is turned up, all the dross comes up to the surface and rear their ugliness for all to see. Oh, may the Lord skim them off with His blade and leave what is pure untouched.

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