You Are Glorious

Oh Lord, how amazing it is to again resign myself altogether to You. Abandoning all my selfish wants and needs, consigning the entertainment of the world to death, and all that entraps my heart for the sake of knowing You.

Oh I did not expect, I did not expect. Indeed, how great was my unbelief in Your voice! How You have been patiently telling me all along, all my springs are found in You alone! There’s nothing else that can satisfy.

Continue to break the idols in my lives, that I may live to You alone. In deepest affliction and highest joy, may my portion always be You. Sustain me with Your grace so I  may praise Your Name and glory in Your majesty. Nothing else matters but You. Continue to manifest Your glory in my life as You please.

Thank You Jesus. I consecrate this life again to You. Let it be deeper and lasting this time. Let me not be deceived by my wicked heart. Oh, keep me low in the dust. Keep me in Yourself, humbled, yet holy and joyful just as You are holy and joyful. As You are one with the Father, so let me be one with You. To live is Christ, to die is gain. Let it be so, my Lord. Amen.

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