Personal Note – Constancy

Jesus is so good. There’s nothing good about me. I can only look to Him. And when I do, how good it is to be alive!

And when I don’t, how dreadful life is! How empty and how anxious! How unable I am to solve my problems! But when I look to Him, the hardest things become easy. Oh, if only I look to Him more constantly than now!

For each and every situation, may the Holy Spirit increase prudence and wisdom. For each and every mistake, may I run and cry out to Him for humility to repent and seek forgiveness from all who I wronged. Oh, let not hardness of heart take over my life. Keep my conscience tender, and let my spirit yield to His gentle influences.

What can I say about my life? I know not where to start. If I share details of the months since graduation, I feel I can only give an account of my many failings and mistakes and sins. If there was any good, it was only because God was good and gracious to allow good things to happen in my life and to those around me. It is by His grace that I am kept still in His hand.

As of right now, it is good for me to eat dust and sit in silence alone with Him.

If I fail to pray and to look to Him, is it a wonder, though I be a child of God, that I seldom sense His Presence or His glory? Is it a wonder that I go hungry and discouraged despite my royal lineage? Is it a wonder that I am fearful of the enemy and unable to testify for my Father? Alas, stubborn heart, you wish to serve two masters at once! That cannot be! Do not be deceived oh my soul! Let my Lord destroy whoever dare take His place! Oh adulterous heart! You are already dead when He died on the cross!

Do not be deceived, oh my soul. Christ has triumphed. Let the Holy Spirit speak truth and drive out the enemy’s lies! Let there be constancy and steadiness in this walk after the Spirit of Truth. Remember who you are, oh my soul! You are given a new heart and a new spirit. You are one of His people, a royal priesthood, set apart and holy to Him! This is your position if you are in Christ. It is amazing that you have forgotten this so quickly! Come back, come back to the Lord quick. Seek Him and repent in ashes lest you be as good as dead. You cannot live any longer without Jesus, oh my soul, for you belong to Him for all eternity.

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