Sharing #22

The Lord is good. He always gives, and unworthy I am to receive, but if I was worthy, then His gifts would no longer be gifts. So I always receive, with gratefulness.

My heart is still so wicked though but that’s not too much of a surprise. It is always best for me to compare myself with God rather than with man. Cause then, I would never match up and would find myself always needing Jesus more.

May I have greater faith to receive His righteousness every moment and His grace for everything,  so that it is not I who live but Christ.

There’s plenty of things going on. My co-op is becoming a permanent position in December so that brought quite a sense of stability. I sort of been praying and asking for direction and had a sense of faith that this would happen. It seems now this is clearly the path to go. May He continue to lead. I cannot trust my job to be my stability. Only He can alone can be my refuge and my security.

I have been discipling someone. And then there’s the fun part memorizing verses sequentially starting with Psalms.

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