Reading #83 – No Corruption

Reading Daniel 6, it talks about how people tried to bring charges against Daniel but could not. Absolutely no corruption was found in him that humans could see.

Am I living in a way that no one, if someone was malicious enough, can bring a charge against me before man?

Am I living absolutely blamelessly, that I hate even “the garment stained by the flesh?” (Jude 1:23)

And is my spirit of Him, an excellent and loving spirit, Christ-like?

If I am not, I am not in obedience to You, God. And my great desire is to please You and love You.

Therefore, I shall greatly desire the putting off of the flesh and the putting on of Christ through prayer, repentance, and action by the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in me.

If I do not desire this, I do not love You, God. Let me confess if I lack that desire, and repent, and cry out for a desire to love You. Every good and perfect gift comes from You, and You are a generous Father. I know I shall have You and walk in all Your ways if I simply ask You.

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