Note #26

So blessed to have my grandmother share with me.

I began crying when she shared how unprepared she was when she was young. No one was there to guide her in what she should do regarding marriage and what it was really about. Thus, when she married my grandfather, who divorced her when she was in her twenties, she went through many trials and tribulations. Nevertheless, to hear her say, “If it weren’t for God and His faithfulness…” I felt deeply encouraged. I find her steadfastness to God through those thirty plus years of singlehood to be a great testimony of God’s power to sustain, to love, to mold, to be faithful. I praise God for protecting her through all hardships.

To hear her speak of God’s judgment and justice and wrath and patience and love for my parents, I was deeply encouraged. To hear her speak of her prayers and of spiritual warfare in the home and of how the devil loves to break up families, to affect and hurt generations down the line is eye-opening. To hear her share testimonies of the Spirit’s power coming upon her and others when a Spirit-filled minister spoke was encouraging.

To hear her hope in me, to stop the devil’s work in my generation, to finally have a household that serves God alone, made me feel sad of the past, hopeful of the future, needful of God and His grace.

Indeed, it is because of sin. Oh, how I hate sin! Sin destroys, sin hurts, sin breaks, sin has real consequences on the future generations and it is extremely deceptive to even think that sin is okay, that it is a small matter.

My heart breaks. Breaks for my hard-heartedness and resentment of my parents. Breaks for my father and his unrepentant heart. Breaks for my mother and her anxious heart. Breaks for the selfishness all over my family. I hate the devil’s works. He schemes to create misunderstandings, he stirs up anger, attempts to persuade and increase mistrust and hatred. Oh, we need to repent. I need to repent most of all for I am the major stumbling block to my parents. I stand in their way of the Gospel. God, purify me of all unrighteousness.

Pray. Must keep praying. May this be a generation that knows how to pray, how to listen and be convicted, how to repent, how to put faith into action, how to wrestle in the heavenly realms, to bring heaven to earth. To bring God down to destroy evil and all wickedness. To heal the broken, to redeem what was lost to the enemy.

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