Note #19

Jesus, you love the broken and the lost and you are always with us, to the end of the ages.

Come, I wish to continue to abide in you. Praise you, I will abide in you. Come, abide in me.

It’s okay, oh, my soul. It’s okay. It’s okay if you lose everything. It’s okay if no one in this world loves you the way you wish to be loved. God loves you, oh, my soul, and He fills in that void and satisfies. So, come to Him. Let the old pass away. This world is passing away.

It’s okay. Even if there is pain, it is fleeting. He will be with you through the storm. Do not let the sorrows from your circumstances decrease your boldness or faith!

Oh my soul, remember you are only a stranger in this land! Why do you seek what you cannot keep? Praise God, who is the Master of all my life. Praise God. Praise Him forever more! His Spirit dwells in me and empowers me. I shall drink this cup that has been given to me. Though it tastes bitter, I shall count it as sweet because it comes from God, my Father, my loving and precious Father.

Oh, my soul, cling to Him even when you bite into the dust, in tears and sorrow. For in Him, your faith is restored. In Christ alone, you shall be free, even when you feel pain, sadness, affliction. In Him, we shall rejoice forever more. Though we cry out, we cry out to a living God, to Christ glorified! Our faith awakens us to praise. Though we live through tragedy and insecurity, in Christ, we already are in paradise. Look, He is already seated at the right hand of God!

It is no illusion, oh my soul. His Word is truth. And if you cling to Him by faith and step into the waters. You shall see with your own eyes. He shall deliver you from all your troubles. The waters shall part. You shall experience it. Wait on Him, He will never put you to shame.

For joy shall come in the morning, and we who go out sowing in tears, shall reap a harvest with great joy. Be glad, oh my soul, for the Lord is with you and He will never leave nor forsake you, evermore.

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