Note #6

*sigh* There is so much trickery and lying going on in the latter part of 1 and the early part of 2 Samuel.

Reading Ezekiel, I notice, one of the main themes in Ezekiel is simply – knowing God as God. God does things so that people will know, without a doubt, that He is God Almighty, Sovereign and Holy. The things He does in Ezekiel are often vengeance and punishment for sins. Why? The people are unrepentant. They will not repent. If they repented, His mercy shall be established. Yet, they continued sinning. Will God bring comfort to those who need no comfort from Him? No. He will bring disaster so to wake them up to their true condition. They believe they were rich when they were impoverished for they have strayed from their God and followed after the world and its patterns.



My heart lamented and is thus determined to plead with the Lord. Won’t You make us deeply convicted to pray to You? To see prayer as sweet? Especially corporate prayer? Yes, if my brothers cannot hunger after spiritual things, and I fellowship with them, won’t I be more prone to fall also into the worldly things they are focused on? So I did fall into those things today and I felt uncomfortable for my focus was divided. My heart felt and longed to enter the Lord’s fellowship, not simply in the spirit but also in my soul and body. But I could only do it in spirit today, and not in soul and body as long as my brothers continued to take with greater interest things of the world rather than things of the Lord.

Though I had great peace and enjoyment with the Lord deep within, and was able to maintain my fellowship with the Lord, I could not find myself to be in fellowship with my brothers when they were not in the Lord. I simply found my bond to them not spiritual, but worldly. It is but a bond of flesh and blood. Not of the Spirit. This troubled my spirit.

So this burden formed on my heart to pray more. And it convicted me that I do not pray enough and rely on Him enough. Only God can touch and move people for His glory. Only the Spirit can convict.

May He give me strength to cry out persistently for His glory and for the benefit and growth of the Body.

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