Note #5

Had a blessed time learning and receiving revelation from God during the Bible Study last night with my church fellowship. Greatly blessed by deeper understanding of His ways and how meaningful His words truly are. They are marvelous. So overjoyed and delighted by the Holy Spirit’s teachings. They are better than anything my mind can conjure up.


Today, had a most delightful bus ride. God’s appointment was clear and what a blessing to my soul! It seems every bus ride now is a blessing, one way or another.

I was praying for half the time and the next half, saw someone I knew who saw me and sat next to me. We spoke a bit and then napped. I was half-listening to J.I. Packer’s Knowing God audiobook. It was blessed whenever my mind was able to keep awake and catch something from it. Great blessing in being reminded how God broke down Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, etc. and changed their flawed, prideful lives into holy lives filled with meekness and boldness, wholly dependent on God!

Then, chatted and shared with the acquaintance next to me regarding random things. Eventually, I asked him regarding Christianity. He was a bit defensive about it. I suppose anyone would feel guilty for professing to be Christian but not really “doing” what are supposedly the right “things.”

Simply shared my own experiences, showing him how selfish I was in my prayers, and how even my selfish prayers were answered. God isn’t someone who just wants us to do things. He wants us to know Him as a loving Father, who treats us who are saved, like His children. He wants us to know He is real and not just some far away God who we need to appease so we can not suffer in hell.

Had dinner with him, talked all over the place, regarding any topic except things related to God. I felt a need for more prayer. Who am I to give him advice? Who am I to know what his needs are? The Holy Spirit did not give me any word. Perhaps, I was simply too insensitive. So I kept silent regarding the Lord.

May His Holy Spirit continue to work despite my lack of spirituality. I can do nothing to effect any change and I feel quite deaf. Ah, to pray more for God to show Himself and His love for His sheep!

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