Note #2

He gave me much grace today, to act, to speak, to pray in the midst of my tasks. He showed me more, in experience, the difference in tone, in love, in action, between my own leading and His Spirit’s leading. For they spring from very different sources of life. And my eyes saw clearly the results.

Sweet and simple is it to wait on God alone.

Perfect obedience is possible. Especially when looking to Him at every moment for strength. I hope praying may become effortless. May praying be like breathing to me.

There is still much of self and little of the Spirit’s leading in the way I live.

I am yet carnal. Even if I sin not, my goodness is still carnal. Natural goodness is not enough. Good intentions are not enough. Good actions are not enough. The source of my actions must come from obedience alone to the Spirit.

If my parents cannot see God in how I live, then, I do not truly follow the Spirit wholeheartedly and I do not have the power of the Holy Spirit. It must become evident to them that God is real. If this is not evident in how I live, it matters not how eloquently I preach to them or how many words I say, all this will be useless.

If my goodness is still human (natural) and not godly (spiritual), if I lack His Holiness, what am I? A vessel filled with self rather than with God. All that overflow from me would only usher in more pride and self-glory. I cannot please God. No flesh can please God. Only Jesus pleased Him. And only those who follow the Holy Spirit can please Him. Only those who obey Him and sin not and seek only His Will can please Him.

Woe to me if I accept this grace in vain and fail to use my freedom in Christ to live a life in God! Oh, how much prayer is needed indeed, to grow our faith, to believe that the Holy Spirit in us is greater than he who is in this world! To know that You will do a great work, if only we choose to follow the Spirit, to wait on You, to learn of what the Spirit is and what a treasure we have in us! Ah, for more patience, for more time with You alone…





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