Sharing #18 – Holy Ambition

God wants to save all men, regardless of who they are.

He is burning this ambition into my heart. Can I pray such small prayers any longer?

How vast is His Will! How infinitely loving and compassionate! My heart cannot contain such wonderful love and purity of purpose. My mind cannot comprehend such high thoughts and my will cannot follow after such a high way.

I am so glad, so glad that it is not by my heart, nor by my mind, nor by my human will or purpose but by the Holy Spirit in my spirit, that I come to know these things. I am glad it is not my soul, nor my flesh that prays such high prayers.

Only the spirit that is alive to God can pray to God. Only the new spirit He has given me can pray such prayers with the Holy Spirit’s revelation and wisdom.

Praise be to God for His Holy Spirit! May He burden our hearts to seek salvation for all men. So when we see His mighty hand carry it out, we shall glorify Him, and say, “Our prayers have been answered, glory be to the LORD, forever and ever! Amen.”

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