Sharing #12

The Holy Spirit has been so… so much more present this week than I ever remembered. So many answered prayers, even small, unmouthed prayers, prayers that come from not only my thoughts but from my desire for Him.

Yet, waking up this morning, I knew God still has to work much in me and through me. And all that He requires for me to do is wait and believe in Him. For the things that I do, is not me doing them but the Holy Spirit. The source of my power, words, and action comes from the Holy Spirit when I truly wait and believe and acknowledge God in all of my ways. In all things, I must inquire of God only.

I am currently reading through Joshua. It has never occurred to me until today that God is finally taking me into His rest. And that, victories must be claimed by the Holy Spirit and by perfect obedience to His Word in sincere faith and belief. If I fail to inquire of Him, He will give grace but some blessings will be lost.

He has driven out all sins from me. For the only way for the Holy Spirit to work and for victory to be had is for all conscious sin to be driven out. And if sin appears, it must be destroyed immediately before moving on. And what grace He has to mend this broken vessel and allow me to walk by the Spirit.

Though I am weak and still a babe and can fall at any moment without His strength, the Lord is finally growing my feeble hands and arms for His own purposes. The Spirit is finally the one in control rather than the flesh. For this, I praise God alone for His work. Though the Church and many brothers and sisters may feed me or plant seeds in me, only God can make me grow into the full knowledge of Christ, His grace, and God Himself.

This past Wednesday night, I laid on my bed and finally called out to Him, “Daddy…”

It was overwhelming to me, to my heart, to realize the tenderness and the closeness of such a Father that I can call Him by that word used for intimacy only.

I could not help but hold close my blanket, knowing His joy and His love as I find myself loving Him more and more. At once I thought of “Abba Father” and realized, perhaps this Abba means “Daddy…”

Not for a Father who is someone else’s Father, but a Father of my own. The only one I will call “Daddy.” It was the first time I did so and I sort of squealed in joy on the inside to know I can call Him this. It was childish but it was so special to my heart, to know Him as one so dear.


One of the many things He has shown me this week is that, waiting is not passive but something quite active. It is also a most difficult task for people because they cannot sit still and if they do become still before God, they fall asleep or fall to the flesh and miss out on His presence and whisper.

The Lord has spoken to me all this week, in my readings, circumstances, and interactions with others. When I went to fellowship on Friday, I was so joyful that all that God had taught me before the fellowship, He was already teaching to others! So, I did not share. My brothers and sisters have already shared what had been on the Lord’s mind and on my heart.

And the message afterwards was the same thing that I wanted to share toward the end of sharing but saw there was no more time. What grace He gives to allow me to wait upon Him and do no more. For the Body works as one and many of the Lord’s chosen are going through similar dealings with God.

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