Sharing #8

I was expecting to pay around $30 to get to Ithaca and I was expecting myself to be quite late, with perhaps layover. Nevertheless, I was enabled to pray to the Lord in faith that this bus ride may be blessed by Him and that whatever may happen, it will only be to His glory and to the strengthening of my faith in Him.

And indeed, He has answered, greatly beyond my expectation. I arrived at the Gate to my bus, hoping to ride straight to Ithaca on the bus that will go by Bing. That way, I just need to pay an additional fee at Bing.

The driver won’t let me in and directed me to a Bing only bus. So, I arrived at Bing, got my ticket and went on the Ithaca bus there. To my surprise, I saw the same familiar faces from back in NY. It was the same bus that turned me down at NY!

In the back, I saw a fellow brother from Cornell and we spoke. After that, I found out from another person that the bus they were on broke down and they had to change to a new bus. Hence, the delays, and hence how I was able to smoothly transition from my bus to their bus. (The next bus was at 6 PM which would have been a three-four hour wait).

The ticket from Bing to Ithaca was only $10 to my surprise! And to top it all off, the book I was reading on the ride was a great blessing as the Lord spoke through it and gave me joy in abundance as I learned what it means to have life in Him and to be a part of one Body following one Spirit.

Praise God! =)


My joy here is in the Lord. For He has shown me more of His loving kindness and faithfulness.

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