Daily Weekday Work Routine

My winter break ended after New Years and will restart on the 14th hopefully….

6 AM – Wake Up, Pray, Read the Word, turn on laptop, brush teeth, eat breakfast, chat, e-mail, surf web, get dressed

8 AM – Go to subway, read/nap

9 AM – Arrive at office, Work for 8-9 hours

6 PM – Get off work, go to subway, read/nap,walk home

7 PM – Dinner, Shower, Talk to Mom, Surf Web, e-mail, chat

9 PM – Eat Apple, Surf Web, Try to Read GRE book, maybe drink milk, Prepare for sleep

10 PM – Pray, Sleep

Throughout the day – Enjoying the Lord’s presence and seeing how difficult it is for me to yet fully trust Him in every matter, (currently, it is that of work and social situations) and seeing Him work to enable me to trust Him; rejoicing in His love and His grace

I find when I fully trust God, His fragrance spreads to me and flows to others through my actions and words. And then, my heart glorifies Him and marvels at His wisdom. When I fail, I find myself face to face with my rotten self and its weaknesses. Then, I can only run back to Him and let Him restore our fellowship by the blood of the lamb.

How I long that it is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me!

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